Fireside chat about homeschooling!

I recently sat down (in person) with my friend Manisha from Modulo Homeschooling Community, and we had a great fireside chat about homeschooling covering math, reading, and homeschooling!

In part 1, we go in-depth with Wild Math, how I created the curriculum, who its a good fit for, how to communicate with children around math, power hours, common core, ADHD, giftedness dyscalculia and empowering parents to teach math if they don’t feel like they’re “not a math person.”

In Part 2, we talk about Wild Reading, how it’s different from the way literacy is taught in schools, the “science of reading,” differences in the ways in which individual children learn to read, when children teach themselves to read and when they don’t, how to help your child dyslexia, what might be happening if a child is struggling to learn to read, how to tell when’s the right time to start teaching your kid to read.

If you are looking for ways to get outside more while covering essential math, reading, and writing skills, check out Wild Math, Wild Reading, and our units.

My new book Wild Learning: Practical Ideas to Bring Teaching Outdoors will be published in April 2023 and is available for preorder! It is full of ways to help teachers and homeschoolers take learning outside in any setting!

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