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At Wild Learning, we believe that the outdoor environment is the ideal classroom for children. Our curriculums, Wild Math and Wild Reading use nature as a tool for learning essential math and reading skills. Research has shown that learning outside can increase attention, is more engaging, and is naturally hands-on and multi-sensory.

Wild Math reimagines math instruction for the natural outdoor environment. Fractions are modeled using mud pies, place value is introduced with bundles of sticks, multiplication is introduced by examining flower petals, and games replace worksheets.

Wild Reading features a year-long story about an adventurous mouse named Matilda, and leads children through research-based multi-sensory instruction in phonological awareness skills, word families/phonics, sight words, and other key literacy skills. Activities such as sound scavenger hunts, mammal search, tree study, and word hopscotch make learning active, hands-on, and fun.

wild math grade levels

Build a solid foundation in numeracy skills through multisensory activities and math-inspired play.

Build fluency with addition and subtraction facts through hands-on outdoor activities and games.

Learn multi-digit addition and subtraction using place value stick bundles, number lines, and more!

Use plants, animal life, and natural materials to learn multiplication and division facts!

Learn to solve multi-digit multiplication and division problems using a variety of strategies and nature-based projects.

Conquer fraction and decimal operations (+ – ÷ x) and beginning algebra with mudpies, number lines, and place value sticks.

wild reading grade levels

Wild Reading Level 1 takes beginning readers on a story-based journey following Matilda the Mouse and her adventures to the top of a marvelous mountain. Each week, the story highlights the week’s featured letter sound and is followed by engaging activities introducing phonological awareness skills, word families/phonics, sight words, and other key literacy skills throughout the week. Skills are taught sequentially and are practiced through nature-based and/or hands-on reading and writing activities. 

Wild Reading Level 2’s release is scheduled for June 2022. Level 2 continues sequentially introducing phonics rules such as long vowels, vowel teams, and r- controlled vowels using multi-sensory activities that can be done indoors or out. Children begin each week reading, writing, and building words, then progress to the sentence level and then finally end the week by reading a decodable books or nature stories from the Wild Reader. Reading and writing activities are nature inspired. Reading comprehension skills are a taught using quality picture books.  Nature enrichment activities are provided for each week. 

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it's a wild story

Hi there! We are the Tidd family and we are passionate about outdoor learning! We live in a log cabin tucked into the woods near Ithaca, NY.

Rachel Tidd is the author of the Wild Math® and Wild Reading™ Curriculums and a leading proponent of integrating the outdoors and natural materials in math education. She became interested in teaching and learning outside after watching her two children thrive in an outdoor forest preschool. Wild Math®  and Wild Reading have been used in schools and by homeschool parents throughout the U.S. and the world. Rachel has written and presented about Wild Math® and outdoor learning in conferences, podcasts, and magazines.                                                     Photo by Chelsea Fausel