Wild Math Curriculum: Third Grade


Wild Math Third Grade is everything you need to teach math outdoors!

Make your third grade math year active and fun in a classroom without walls! Learning outside is engaging, naturally hands-on, and uses multiple senses. 

The curriculum is organized around units and skills typically covered in third grade math. Each skill is listed, followed by activities on how to learn and practice the skill. Each unit also includes a list of my favorite math books and games at the end of each chapter. Use plants, animal life, and natural materials to model multiplication and division facts! Discover the relationship between perimeter and area by measuring gardens, playgrounds, buildings, and tiles.

Each unit includes a book and games list, which are perfect for outside in warm weather and inside during extreme weather or dark winter evenings. The math skills described here have been compiled using several different math curriculums and represent what is typically taught in third grade in the United States (It also matches well to Canada, UK, and AUS; check the table of contents for a list of skills covered). A suggested unit pacing guide and 40 weeks of suggested plans are included.

Wild Math Third Grade includes a year-long planner! These plans provide 40 weeks of lesson/activity suggestions to keep you organized on your journey through Wild Math Third Grade!

Math Topics Covered:

  • Place Value  
  • Multi-Digit Addition and Subtraction review
  • Multiplication 
  • Division
  • Fractions
  • Measurement and Data (Length, Volume, Mass, Area, Perimeter, Graphing)
  • Time and Money
  • Geometry 

(see thumbnails of the table of contents to see each skill covered)

Note: 3rd grade is what I call a catch-up grade. Time is built in for students to solidify skills from prior grades, particularly multi-digit addition and subtraction. Wild Math Third Grade contains the same instructions on how to teach multi-digit addition and subtraction as Wild Math Second Grade for review and those that are new to Wild Math. It contains some new and some favorite activities from Wild Math Second Grade.

Wild Math Third Grade is 69 pages in length and the planner is 41 pages. You will receive download links for two PDF files. You will receive a link to download both documents to the email address used in the payment process or your PayPal email.

please note:

Due to the nature of digital products, returns are not accepted.

According to digital copyright law, digital curriculum cannot be resold. Physical copies can be sold if the seller confirms with the buyer that they own a digital license (via showing a receipt). Print copies are not available. Please contact us if you need bulk licenses or student licenses for your school, co-op or organization. 

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