Wild Math Curriculum: Fifth Grade


In fifth grade, math is a useful tool for exploring and understanding the world around us. We can use it to construct and build, answer questions, and do sophisticated calculations. At the same time, math concepts are more abstract.  While Wild Math Fifth Grade contains many hands-on outdoor activities like in the younger levels of Wild Math, it also balances the need at this level to practice more abstract computations in writing.

The skills typically covered in fifth grade math are listed, followed by extensive explanations on how to teach the concept. The fifth grade contains more guidance on how to teach each topic than prior levels because the math skills are more complex and complicated than in prior levels. These more complex topics often have several examples and have a new feature called “quick practice problems”. These problems are an easy way to practice computations (sometimes in a hands-on way and sometimes written practice depending on skill and method) and check comprehension of the new skill before moving on to activities.  Most chapters also have several sections with activities, projects, and word problems to further practice each skill. The word problems can be acted out or done solely in the math notebook depending on the student’s needs. 

Fifth grade now includes a year-long planner! These plans provide 36 weeks of lesson/activity suggestions to keep you organized on your journey through Wild Math Fifth Grade!

Features include:

  • Target math skills are summarized at the beginning of each unit.
  • Hands-on and computation-based methods for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals and fractions.
  • Math projects provide a more in-depth opportunity to use math in a hands-on and real-life way. Projects include timing 100 meter race and calculating speed, Pythagorean theorem and the baseball diamond, and scaling a recipe up and down.
  • Math Notes: Informative little boxes that explain those math concepts and details you may have forgotten!
  • Book and board game list for every unit, plus a list of general math games in the resources section.
  • A suggested unit pacing guide, s year-long week plans, and blank planning sheet are included in the resource section.
  • Quick practice and word problems and answers are provided

The Fifth Grade curriculum shows you how to use materials that are naturally abundant in your area to learn math! Suggested materials to make, gather, and a few basic supply recommendations are provided.

  • Use sticks and rocks to learn decimal place value.
  • Use recycled materials to explore volume.
  • Use  mud cakes to learn how to multiply and divide fractions

Math Units Covered

(See thumbnails of the table of contents to all skills covered in each unit)

  • Multi-digit Multiplication and division review 
  • Decimals
  • Fractions
  • Measurement
  • Data, Graphing, and Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Measurement

You will receive two digital PDF files, Wild Math Fifth Grade is 124 pages in length and the Weekly Planner is 37 pages in length. You will receive a link to download the document to the email address used in the payment process or your PayPal email.

please note:

Due to the nature of digital products, returns are not accepted.

According to digital copyright law, digital curriculum cannot be resold. Physical copies can be sold if the seller confirms with the buyer that they own a digital license (via showing a receipt). Print copies are not available. Please contact us if you need bulk licenses or student licenses for your school, co-op or organization. 

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