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Wild Reading is exactly what I hoped it would be…science based reading instruction mixed with Waldorf/ natural learning methods. I’m using level 1 with my 6, almost 7 year old.  He has a lot of energy and Wild Reading is a great fit. I’m also using level 2 with my 8, almost 9 year old. He loves it. Which is huge.  He has some sensory difficulties and this is going to work beautifully with him. I want to thank you for this natural approach to learning reading.  I love that it’s OG methodology mixed with all the wonderful HWOT/ Waldorf methods.  These are all the things I was looking for.
We are on week 4 of ditching conventional math curriculums for “Wild Math” and I could not be more pleased with the impact it has had on our homeschool! My little math hater (10 yo), now looks forward to math and independently discovers mathematics in the world around her (outside of our designated wild learning time). My neurodivergent abstract thinker (8 yo) is given the opportunity to learn math in exactly the way his brain was designed to learn. Seeing it all in 3D in the world around him…touching it, feeling it, and building it for himself. He is able to build and apply mathematics in real time in the real world. Then of course, my little preschooler is along for the ride soaking in all these mathematical conversations. It is also really cool that math for them is no longer some boring subject that confines them to a table with paper and pen, rather, it is an intricate and important part of the created and man-made world around us. Bonus points since we can merge our nature study in with our mathematics!
I know math is one of those subjects that almost every home educator wrestles with. The running joke is “how many math curriculums the average homeschool family has been through.” So for all my homeschool friends who love being out in nature…”Wild Math” is an amazing independent curriculum or supplement to what you’re already using! I hesitated to switch because we know that measuring progress without tests and worksheets takes more effort and attention on the part of the teacher…but I’m so glad we made the jump!
We’ve used Wild Reading levels 1 & 2 and they have been so wonderful for my struggling reader. And also very intuitive, instructive, and fun for me too as this is my first time teaching reading. These are solid in phonics but so much more… learning about nature, fun projects, and quality literature/picture books.
I have loved wild math! It has been the only reason my child who struggled with place value for nearly a whole year didn’t end up hating math and it ultimately gave the teaching tips she needed so she could finally reach understanding and truly move forward with confidence.
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Thank you for the effort you have gone to bring a wonderful hands-on experience to learning to read that still uses the science of reading etc.
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I’ve been doing your Math and Reading programs and loving them. I like the simplicity and the ability to do my own thing inspired from it. It’s not stressful and allows us to work at whatever pace feels good. I have autistic twin boys turning 6 next month. Both are very different learners and at different abilities. It’s been fun to include your program into our daily life. Enjoying it a lot. Thanks for the great resource
I often have recommended it {Wild Math]}to other homeschooling mums just for the book and games recommendations alone, which have been and are pure gold!
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I absolutely love that your curriculum is hands on and secular. My kids are a mix of nuerodivergencies and it is easy to adapt for them.
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The kids and I are absolutely LOVING doing maths the Wild Math way!!! Thank you for all the ideas and fun!
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I would like to add that your math program is the sole reason for my confidence in homeschooling my three kids. I have told so many people about our love for Wild Math. It has helped me tremendously!
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We bought a full box curriculum and planned on supplementing with Wild Math and Reading. We quickly switched to doing Wild Math and Reading and supplementing with the others.
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I purchased the wild math 2nd grade curriculum a few years ago and it has been great inspiration for the years following for me and my 3 boys. SO much so that when we return to brick and mortar I am teaching a wild math class twice a week!
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My husband and I adopted our son about 2.5 years ago from China.  He is now 8 and in the third grade at the local public school, receiving ESL services as well as interventions in accordance with his IEP. As he missed so much of the early learning opportunities pre-K and K offer, we wanted to help build up his confidence with reading.  So although it seems like the curriculum is below where he can be working, we wanted to give it a try at home to give him that multi-sensory approach that has been lacking since about 2nd grade. (We used the Wild Math curriculum throughout 2nd grade to support what he was learning in school as well as over the summer to hone skills.  We are continuing with 3rd grade math this year. They have been very successful with him!)  We have only just started week 2, but he is responding so well to it!  He looks forward to the activities, always has a smile on his face as we are working through the program, and will even ask for bonus adventures (extra read alouds, activities).  I love how there is play integrated into the program so to him the pressure of “school” is off and he can just focus on the fun.  

Needless to say, we are looking forward to Wild Reading 2! 🙂 So thank you for sharing this wonderful resource as well as the math programs.  It has been a key to unlocking my ESL learner.    
Lisa K
“We switched curriculums for our kids this past week from a textbook form to your amazing Wild Reading curriculum. My first grader is loving it and even my 4th grader jumps in to learn with us sometimes as you perfectly encourage easy to do this, It is so fun and the learning is so deep and richer, especially as we dive into all the enrichment activities. Thank you for creating this beautiful work of curricular art. It is a masterpiece of its own and we are blessed to have this as part of our daily journey of learning and growing as a family. And I personally just love Matilda the mouse! What an adventurer!
A lovely and thorough VIDEO review of Wild Math 2nd and 4th-grade levels by Homeschooler by Design find it here https://cutt.ly/iyWlOMH

Her review of Wild Reading https://www.instagram.com/tv/CRrNr-5hhCJ/?utm_medium=copy_link&fbclid=IwAR1mX9_xYpZXIjB9u5suAVdZrPBLeDRRTqJ9Kj6u4I95sultQYLDDBdpD-M
Arlene from Homeschooler by Design
“I used your first-grade curriculum and it went well for my very overactive boy and is planning on using your 2nd-3rd grade too. Thanks for such an awe-inspiring curriculum, so creative and stress-free for this math-anxious mama. I used it alongside Montessori Shiller math, however, your Wild Math was the main spine and so much effortless learning took place.

I love the smile on my son’s face when he gets to do maths outside instead of crouched over a workbook at 8yrs old. This could have only happened after I found Wild Math because before that he was miserable and my smart little wild guy told me that he hated maths. Now he is ecstatic. Your thoughtfulness did that and in my book, that is all the fancy we need. You are changing minds about something that is extremely important, mathematics. Many moons ago I gave up on my dream when I realized that maths was an essential part of it. I was petrified when I realized that I was responsible for how my son would learn maths and I knew I did not want him to make choices like I did around the fear of mathematics. I have worked in areas where engineering jobs were vacant for so long and we had to seek people to fill those positions from other countries. So you see, I am grateful to you for this wonderful curriculum because it is going to change the mindset of how maths is perceived and taught. My teachers lectured math from in front of the classroom and I among many other students had no clue, I am a visual and tactile learner and that did not resonate with me. Nevertheless, I thought something was wrong with me, that I was stupid as that’s what my teachers referred to any student who did not understand. I know there are many curriculums out there but many children especially boys are movers and shakers and we need maths that tailored to them. You took the time and effort to tailor a curriculum for your children and then, in turn, offered it to us not realizing that such a selfless act will yield a great fortune. That my friend is very fancy. I know you can’t see into the future but let me tell me that there are more kinesthetic learners out there waiting to discover your Wild Math. So let the rumpus begin.
“Rachel is a wealth of creative genius! She recognizes that children who are connected to and engaged with the materials will learn naturally.”
“I just started Wild Math with my soon-to-be first grader with a preschooler tagging along. Many of the workbook concepts were brought to life in a way that clicked for my oldest. We’re eagerly anticipating Wild Math in our garden this summer and continuing this fall when we pick up regular lessons. Thank you!”
Laura M.
“So many great ideas in this curriculum! I can’t wait to get started with my children!!”
Krista B.
“So many great ideas in this curriculum! I can’t wait to get started with my children!!”
Krista B.
Blossom and Root’s Video about what she uses for first grade math, including Wild Math! She also recommends Wild Math to use with her awesome nature-based curriculum check them out at blossomandroot.com

Blossom and Root used Wild Math as a Supplement in First Grade and as Primary /Spine in Second Grade. Check out both video reviews! You can see what she says specifically about Wild Math around 5:33.

She talks about Wild Math in the 2nd-grade video at about 25:00.
Blossom and Root

The Waldock Way’s video review of Wild Math for First Grade!

Here is a great in-depth review of Wild Math Second grade of a new to homeschooling mama due to the pandemic! 


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