Wild Reading Level 2 is here!

I am so happy to announce the release of Wild Reading Level 2!

I made a little video about some of the new features of Wild Reading Level 2!

Wild Reading Level 2 will take your child’s reading skills to the next level! This 32-week program covers phonic skills such as silent E words, vowel teams, R-controlled vowels, and more using hands-on, outdoor activities. What’s new in Level 2?

  • The Wild Reader provides 22 decodable nature inspired stories for the child to read to you and following the weekly phonics skill progression.
  • Fluency cards make practicing reading words easy to do indoors or out! Throw these cards in your outdoor morning basket or day pack for an easy way to review reading skills anywhere!
  • Explicit, systematic phonics instruction that is not dry or boring!
  • Children will learn how to break up words into their components, identify syllable patterns and types, and syllable division.
  • Weekly nature inspired writing activities include writing your own seed catalog, thank you notes to nature, and telling the story of animal tracks.
  • Reading comprehension activities based on quality fiction and nonfiction picture books. The comprehension skill topics covered include characters, problem and solution, point of view, making connections, summarizing, inferencing and more.
  • New nature enrichment activities bring science, art, outdoor skills, and fun to your week! Highlights include a study of bird communication, decomposition experiments, and experiencing how seeds spread by walking around outside in your socks to see what sticks to them!
  • Worksheets and games (74 pages) to make planning and implementing easier!
  • Five Assessments to help you track your child’s progress and pinpoint areas that need review.

Level 2 is a stand-alone curriculum. The prior use of Wild Reading Level 1 is not required. Check the readiness guidelines to see if your child is ready for Wild Reading Level 2 in the side bar. 

Is your child ready to take the next step in their reading journey with Wild Reading Level 2? Learn all about Level 2 by clicking here! 

Transitioning to level 2 and not sure if your child is ready? Read this post about how to prepare and give my short assessment.

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