Wild Reading Level Two Curriculum


Wild Reading level two curriculum is a fun, nature-inspired, and hands-on curriculum that gives your child a strong foundation in phonics, reading, and writing skills?

By integrating multisensory and nature-based learning activities with explicit, sequential phonics instruction based on the Orton-Gillingham method, Wild Reading Level two curriculum will help your child become a proficient reader without being dry or boring.

Wild Reading Level 2 teaches children the skills they need to progress from reading short vowel words to reading words with long vowels, two-syllables, vowel teams, and R-controlled vowels! Children learn how to break up words into their components, identify syllable patterns and types, and syllable division which helps support decoding and spelling skills.

Students learn each phonic skill at the word level, then work on reading and writing these words at the sentence level, before finally reading them in longer decidable texts. Each week includes two hands-on word activities, a sentence activity, fluency review, and multisensory dictation.

The Wild Reader is a new feature in Level 2. It includes 22 original nature-inspired decodable stories for independent reading.

Another new feature of Level 2 is the Fluency Word Cards, which are perfect for quickly reviewing and practicing word reading skills. When laminated these cards are great for throwing in your backpack for outdoor learning!

Reading comprehension skills are introduced through reading quality picture books outloud, relaxed discussions, and activities. The goal is to build background knowledge, language skills, and begin the introduction of key comprehension skills. The comprehension skill topics covered include characterization, problem and solution, point of view, perspective, making connections, summarizing, inferencing, and more. Extensive book lists are included.

Weekly nature-inspired writing activities help children practice their emerging skills. Activities include writing your own seed catalog, thank you notes to nature, and telling the story of animal tracks.

Read more about Wild Reading Level 2 and see the full scope and sequence on the Wild Reading Level 2 page

Click here to watch short videos about Level 2.

 You will receive four digital downloadable files. This is a digital curriculum only, nothing will be mailed.

Including 276 page curriculum, 22 nature-inspired decodable stories in the Wild Reader, fluency word cards for each phonics skill, five assessments, and printable resources (worksheets and games)

See the Wild Reading page for tips on printing.

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please note:

Due to the nature of digital products, returns are not accepted.

According to digital copyright law, digital curriculum cannot be resold. Physical copies can be sold if the seller confirms with the buyer that they own a digital license (via showing a receipt). Print copies are not available. Please contact us if you need bulk licenses or student licenses for your school, co-op or organization. 

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