Wild Reading Curriculum Level 1


Wild Reading curriculum level 1 takes beginning readers on a story-based journey following Matilda the Mouse and her adventures to the top of a marvelous mountain. Each week another chapter of Tilda’s story is revealed and integrated into the week’s activities.

Wild Reading Level 1 teaches children the skills they need to learn the connections between letters and letter combinations and sounds and learn to blend them to read words with short vowel, and open syllables. Wild Reading introduces letter sounds and phonics skills sequentially following the science of how children learn to read and combining elements from Waldorf (story-based, main lesson type books made by children), Montessori (moveable alphabet), and nature-based learning methods.

This comprehensive program will help you teach your child to learn to read in a fun and gentle way.

Each week, the story highlights the week’s featured letter sound. It is followed by engaging lessons and activities in phonological awareness skills, letter formation, word families/phonics, common “sight” words, writing activities, independent reading practice using decodable books and other key literacy skills throughout the week.

Comprehension skills are developed in several ways. Matilda’s story is very rich and full of vocabulary. Words in the story are highlighted and discussed. Discussion questions based on the story and highlighting different comprehension skills are provided.

Read alouds are suggested to build background knowledge and support learning topics in the enrichment activities. Recommended picture and nonfiction book lists provide additional choices for read alouds and further exploration of enrichment topics. Books with diverse characters are denoted.

Each week follows a familiar rhythm with weekly and daily schedules provided. Most of the activities are designed to offer families flexibility in the amount of outdoor instruction incorporated.

A wide variety of enrichment activities cover a range of subjects, including nature study, science, art, movement, and music. Providing choices in these areas enables families to tailor the program to their child’s interests and learning style.

Extensive book lists are provided each week to deepen the learning in topics related to the themes and activities of each week. ⁠

Wild Reading is typically appropriate for children just beginning to learn to read. This is usually around ages 5-8. Children will learn letter sounds, blends, digraphs, and CVC words.

You will find in-depth explanations, placement guidance, and the full scope and sequence on the Wild Reading curriculum level 1 Page

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